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- Rabindranath Tagore

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Little story to start your day.

The story starts five years ago when we took possession of the Homes & Land of Montreal.
The Magazine at that time was very well known in the Real Estate offices, because that is where most of the distribution was done. Thousands of copies were delivered to the offices where only few people saw them.

When we took over the Homes & Land, it was a dying publication. The people in Montreal, those who actively search for real estate to sell and to buy, did not know about its’ existence. So, first thing that we did was to totally change the distribution approach. And till this day we improve and grow the distribution with each and every new edition.

People in Montreal and around know the Homes & Land publication very well now. We still deliver some copies to the Real Estate offices, but our main distribution goes to the places where people frequent to go: grocery stores, medical and dental clinics, pharmacies, restaurants and coffee shops, malls and arenas, banks, golf clubs, ski resorts etc.

I was visiting a business function the other day, and when the lady sitting beside me heard that I run Homes & Land publication, she said right away that she always picks up a copy at “Au Pain Dore” not far from Atwater Market and each time eagerly waits for the next edition to come. This is the best compliment to the publication and to the distribution effort that we could get. This also proves that the potential clients are there looking for real estate in every possible source of information. When the time comes for this lady to buy or sell, would you say that she will be more inclined to choose a broker that actively promotes his/her services everywhere? And especially in the local area that she is interested in?

Another improvement in distribution strategy that we saw necessary to do is the home delivery of the books to the postal codes where the real estate is moving.
Almost instantly after take over, we started to deliver the book door-to-door in different areas of Greater Montreal and around. We worked with different companies that claimed to do the best delivery service and all of them failed. Some did not deliver to all the doors in the specified area; some did a “publisac” kind of job. Eventually we chose to do most expensive and most reliable kind of door-to-door distribution - Canada Post. Still live happens and once in a while some homes in the area do not get the magazine, but, hey!, if Canada Post cannot deliver, then who?... Maybe you can refer us to the reliable provider for the home mail deliveries? We will be glad to work with you and your partners.

We use Canada Post targeting tools to choose the areas that are best suited for our kind of publication and then cover the whole postal code or letter carrier walk, so each home in the area will get the magazine.
Do you know that Homes & Land magazine is being delivered by Canada Post to more than 12,000 homes in Montreal every month?
That’s right! Every month thousands of households are getting the printed edition in their mailbox.
This is like having the internet in print!

Fast forward 5 years to today, we have a most rounded distribution of the printed publication that reaches the end consumer in every possible point from his dentist office to his own home. And we tweak and grow it each edition. Our distribution today hits more than 550 locations.

For home deliveries we use Canada Post - the most expensive and most reliable service provider - to make sure that your marketing message hits its target. Do you know anyone else that keeps your interest above its own?

Want to know how we reach your potential clients using technology on internet and in social networks?
The story continues in the next email.

This November Homes & Land of Montreal celebrates 5-years anniversary!
Come and join us for our November edition and get special promotions for our anniversary!
Deadline - October 29th

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