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From D2D distribution to real Internet – BLACK BELT BRANDING 

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The importance of being thankful is.invaluable. Today, after almost 5 years of development and promotion of H&L in Quebec we appreciate the moment of – yes, not working during the long weekend.

Yes, no work. Being with our loved ones, friends and family. Because you work hard. Every day. Real Estate is a really tough business. It requires determination and dedication, long hours and unlimited patience for your clients. Because they are the core of any business success. Yes, Homes&Land is a real success story. It could be your story.

Improve online presence of your brand

As you take the time off, your online presence continues the hard work for you. Yes, when you rest, our syndicated web partners work for you - 24/7/365. Real Estate is a constantly flowing and changing business, as evident by the current market and the ups and downs experienced over the past decade. For the past 5 years, Homes&Land has helped anyone who branded with us to grow their business during these cycles by staying in front of potential customers – online, in print and on social network.

So what was achieved in the area of brand promotion in 5 years.

Great partnerships – syndication.

The easiest way to reach high-dollar international buyers is here. Homes & Land sends qualified luxury listings to the websites where those buyers look, including – amongst many – the DuPont Registry, RobbReport, and Wall Street Journal’s editions for Asia, Europe, India and Latin America. House hunting – is our exclusive partner!

Even when few listings are in the printed magazine – all your listings are online.

Your buyer could be overseas. International buyers snapped up $104 billion dollars’ worth of residential property in the U.S. from April 2014 through March 2015, according to the new "Profile of International Buying Activity" from the National Association of Realtors.

For the first time in NAR’s report, buyers from China were responsible for the largest portion of foreign sales, spending $28.6 billion on American properties. They were followed by buyers from Canada, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Social networking – your entire content with 1 click online.

Being visible on Facebook and Twitter is hassle-free with Homes & Land, making regular marketing activities part of your marketing strategy by reminding your current, former and future clients how hard you work for them. A personalized email is always welcomed in the fog of other marketing messages your clients receive every day. Through personal approach and main social media tools such as: Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you solidify your client relationships.

YouTube video tours turn your listings into Web celebrities.

Pinterest amazing showcases of properties instantly soar all over the Web.

Facebook creates networks and connections of customer – existing, future and potential.

Twitter through hashtags extends your accessibility for your clients.

They are all one click away. Especially when sent from your Homes & Land full access personalized area.

Personal video tours sent to social network

After Homes & Land automatically creates a video EZ Tour for your listing, post it to YouTube from your personal zone in the Homes&Land portal with full access. You may not have accounts on the social network platforms, but the up-and-coming millennial generation are likely to be users. Yes, your future clients.

Too much information online. So?

Homes&Land stays focused on direct mailing, Door-To-Door distribution and the Internet. Reach your target audience everywhere they might look. To be effective, reach them through multiple avenues: your website, real estate search sites, social media, print advertising, and, obviously, direct mail. Combination of online and offline methods is the best. Magazines and direct mail put you in front of prospects, your future clients.

Black Belt Branding, patience and persistence always pay off!

We are thankful. For the past 5 years. For the opportunity to refine our professionalism offering to you – our clients. For you trusting us with your business. Real Happy Thanksgiving !!! – no work, be with your loved ones.

Join us to celebrate Homes & Land of Montreal 5-years Jubilee!
Deadline - October 29th, 2015

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