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"The highest education is that which does not merely
give us information but makes our life in harmony
with all existence."

- Rabindranath Tagore

Right presentation at right time makes rain of qualified leads 

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We hope your Thanksgiving weekend went well, quality time with your family and friends sways you back energetic and full of desire to move your business further up.

  • Marketing and branding plan - set!
  • Online presence thoroughly planned!
  • Online syndications verified!
  • Social networking strategy confirmed!

Be everywhere, all the time!

Print partners are high quality and expansively distributed for maximum reach including door-to-door in the areas that matter. The virtual tours of all properties - listed and not listed - created and ready to hit the potential buyers and sellers. Leads are knocking in your mailbox.

The buyers and sellers knock on your door. Go get them!

Marketing Flyers attract new listings

Multi-channel approach of Homes & Land helps you leverage the unique benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital to the best performance.

The channels work together, with print feeding digital and digital enhancing print.

Homes & Land also generates leads. And this is how you win listings. And now we also ready to help you stand out from the crowd even during the times when you compete with other good agents for a listing. These competing brokers are going to share a marketing plan with their potential sellers ... Right?

They all talk about posting listings on the same websites -, their company website ... Here is where Homes & Land makes you a winner.

Personalized marketing flyers show and visually explain the seller the full variety of the marketing moves you prepared for their property. Imagine how impressed sellers will be when they see you are making an investment in a complete marketing package that includes Homes & Land printed magazine, the digital magazine, direct mail, 15 plus websites, Social Media, texting, virtual tour and more.

Think how luxury sites like the WSJ, the NYT, the Robb Report, and the Dupont Registry can help you win high-end listings.

As a result you will have more inventory to sell and your quality listings will attract quality buyers, which means more closings for you.

Listing Flyers attract the buyers

Make your open house stand out and stuck in potential buyers' memory by simply using different flyers than everyone else.

When everyone uses the Matrix standard flyer for open houses, your personalized flyers that come in 20 different templates are ready to render and print in color. The flyer that grabs attention, the one that the home seeker will want to keep because it shows how the home can be seen in a different light.

The listings presented differently inspire even indifferent buyers. The buyers in many cases are also the sellers. They will sure remember you for the next time they buy or sell home, since your open house or presentation was fresh and different from the crowd.

Free your time - delegate to us.

There are hundreds of real estate portals online. Homes & Land connects you with the sites that matter. Your properties, your listings deserve the premium distribution online. What can be better than the automatic upload from Centris. With your signed approval, we get the feed with all your listings directly from Centris, upload everything to Homes & Land and merge with our partners' portals. Freeing your valuable time to give better and attractive service to your clients!

We make sure your clients love you.

After you have taken the listing, Homes & Land client contact program keeps you in touch with the seller. At your request we send a copy of Homes & Land magazine to the sellers with an insert that reinforces everything you're doing to market their home. A little endorsement from the publisher is there to remind your client what an awesome broker they hired and what a beautiful job you do.

FREE website anyone?

Developing your own website means time & $$$. Maintaining it is even more $$$. No worries, we got you covered! With Homes & Land you get a fully functional, customizable website optimized for mobile devices. It is easily modified, pages added and removed, testimonial pages and links to the trusted professionals' websites created. You can upload your own articles and do almost anything you would be able to do with the custom created website.

With one little difference.

It is free and it has a direct link to your personal Homes & Land space. So whenever listings are added, removed or updated, your personal website is updated instantly and automatically. All created virtual tours are assigned automatically to the proper listings on your website and visitors' statistics is collected per each property and aggregated in the statistics report on your Homes & Land dashboard.

And speaking of statistics?

When staying with Homes & Land long enough, you get another invaluable proof of your effort to show the home sellers. Statistics are dry facts of your activity and they will show the number of unique visitors and page views associated with the seller's property. This is also the best way to proof that what you do online really works.

So that's how it all works.

By advertising with Homes & Land, you are not just branding yourself with new prospects; you are reaching past clients too. They know you are active in the business, ready and able to take their referrals or sell their current home.

Homes & Land is designed to generate leads, win listings, impress sellers and build your brand. We like to say that Homes & Land gives you global reach, along with local expertise. Here in your local market, Homes & Land is ready to create a personalized marketing campaign that gets you to the closing table faster.

Join us to celebrate Homes & Land of Montreal 5-years Anniversary!
Deadline - October 29th, 2015

  • Special price for direct upload from Centris
  • Free website and marketing materials.
  • Handymen book to give away to your clients (Applicable "Do It Yourself" tips that every home owner will appreciate. All new clients will get a "Do It Yourself" books after 12 magazine editions. You can give away the book to a new home owner as a gift for home purchase thus continuing your own branding as a professional that they want to do business with in the future.)
  • Take 12, get 13th FREE. Free 13th ad in the Homes & Land magazine when you take 12 times advertising package.
  • Congratulation package to your vendors whose properties are featured in our birthday edition. We will send a copy of Homes & Land magazine to the sellers with endorsement for you. Free of charge this time!
  • Talk to your trusted contacts to call us and we will place them on the back of thousands of envelops that we sent out to your clients every month. Mortgage brokers, inspectors, handymen that you work with can enjoy this additional exposure and also promote your services at the same time.

Register here with your best email for annual membership for only $39.90 and you will get:

  • regular emails with editorials, updates and valuable content
  • the Homes & Land magazine FREE of charge on monthly basis
  • access to the full, uncut "Do It Yourself" articles
  • "Do It Yourself" magazine printed at the end of the year and delivered to your home.

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