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"The highest education is that which does not merely
give us information but makes our life in harmony
with all existence."

- Rabindranath Tagore

Success, a la McGill 

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Sunday, one stormy October day, I, my wife and my son were on our way to the Open House event at McGill. My son has decided to apply to physics department. Well, he is determined. As we were climbing up the McGill campus mountain we felt every tendon in our legs and every muscle in our bodies. The goal was to get the necessary information fast and take off home. There is always plenty of additional information that can be dug on the official website. Fortunately (as I later understood) the school had different plans for us. . We forgot how tired we were, the stormy day and all the "must haves" during our over two hours of the most exciting conversation with the professor, who we called - Mr. Prove.

"If you want to be accepted to our faculty, you have two main undergraduate programs" said Mr. Prove. "The Honours and the Majors. I will only describe one to you - the Success program."

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."
- Zig Ziglar

All students will be taught the same way. Every now and then, the Professor will bring up "The Research". It might include a link to some more readings. The Professor will ask for your opinion about this Research.
You will be swamped with the studies and reading materials from other courses as well. He will repeat this trick few more times."

The Professor does not train you. He is testing you. He might ask you to take a seminar or a colloquium. And you should abide. The Professor is looking for initiative, creativity and productivity seeds in you to be worthy to join the Honours program. Those traits will lead you to Success.

"Don't let schooling interfere with your education."
- Mark Twain

What are the yellow bricks that pave this road to success?

  • Listen = be Attentive.
  • Hear = Understand.
  • Make Conclusions = Progress.
  • Ask Questions = Leadership.

Eventually if you still have not reached the Success Shangri La - go back to the basic brick # 1.

Amazingly, this formula fits any business development process and an ability of an inevitable successful result.

And Mr. Prove continued: "If you have a vision, you are focused and you have a plan, you are doomed to succeed..."

The road map must be engraved in your internal GPS, your heart.
And if you have it there and follow it diligently, then who can stop you.

"When your big "PLAN" looks like a cumbersome scheme, the Professor will assist you to break it down into a few smaller "plans" and will help you ask the right leading questions".
"Why..., - you might ask, - does he do that?" Simply because he found you.
You - full of initiative, creativity and productivity. He has already chosen you for the Honours program as he might see a future partner in you. "- Mr. Prove continued - "A reliable partner. A very rare commodity." Partnership is of a paramount importance. "Yes, for the Professor as well. We all understand this here, at the Physics Department; you need a reliable partner for the future success".

"Coming together is a beginning;
 Keeping together is progress;
 Working together is success."
- Henry Ford

Professor was a student once.
He evolved into a Leader.
And he leads you to Success.

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