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Holidays are coming - keep your momentum. [20151130]

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It is hard to believe that December is upon us.
The time flies like crazy!
Christmas, New Year and then January 2016 will be here in a blink of an eye.

The holidays might become the best-selling period simply because most people take time off work to be with their loved ones and get ready for the holidays. Parents and kids are off and want and have time to see houses. Home shoppers look for holiday sales too. We all love holidays for different reasons.

Join us in celebration and let us be there for you, with every step you take toward increasing your visibility, gaining trust, and holding that top-of-mind spot with your clients.

In the last five years Homes & Land of Montreal developed an Ultimate Marketing Solution for Real Estate professionals that creates a balanced approach to shoot you above your competition, create and maintain a stable brand and secure your position as a leader in the industry.

You now can have all marketing tools in one affordable package:

  • Listing flyers to impress your vendor
  • Web Statistics to prove your marketing efforts
  • Automatically created Virtual tours of the property to upload to YouTube or to your own website
  • Automatic upload from Centris to Homes & Land website and another 15 web partners
  • Direct upload to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest to save you time.
  • Physical copy of the magazine delivered door to door with Canada Post in your local area.
  • Distribution network with more than 500 high traffic locations.
and so much more...

Homes & Land saves you time and money.
Join us as we grow your local presence and brand awareness.
Contact your Homes & Land marketing partner today to learn how Homes & Land's integrated offerings can help you with your marketing strategy.

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