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Increase your leads from the printed ads [20160404]

The case of the mysterious consumer

Or why leaving MLS numbers out of ads can increase your leads

Ms. Z was very interested in a listing in the last issue of Homes & Land. She dog-eared the page for the immaculate 4-bedroom and even drove by the place. From the outside, it looked perfect.

Later the same day, she turned back to the ad, found the home's MLS number, and typed it into her smart phone. Her search took her here, then there, then elsewhere. Eventually, she became distracted by the digital listing for a nice property across town. The magazine and the first listing lay forgotten.

To that listing agent, Ms. Z is a mystery. But she could have been a lead.

Let's reimagine the scene: When Ms. Z returns to the ad,she sees a text code instead of an MLS number. She types the code into her smartphone to text for more photos and info. Homes & Land captures her contact information and sends it to the agent. If that agent is you, you might text or call, or save the contact for follow-up. Your choice, your opportunity, your lead no mystery. All because of one little text code.

Don't let potential buyers be a mystery. Trade MLS numbers for text codes in print ads and capture more leads.

If you already use text codes, that's great - you've maximized your chance for leads, and optimized your advertising for all the readers who prefer texting to calling. If you don't use text codes and want to start, your Homes & Land Publisher will be happy to help. Just email or call.

You also can watch a short video on setting up text codes through Homes & Land's software

Watch the video (1:25)

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