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New Year Tree from Plum Pits [902]

1. What do we need to start.

  • Plastic winwglass for the base and two stands;
  • Natural ingredients: plum, peach or apricot pits
  • Decorations material: colored glass beads, small chains, pieces of necklace, etc
  • Hot glue and hot glue sticks
  • Aerosol golden or silver paint
  • Nail polish with glitters
  • Glitter and woven materials – threads and wool.

It is important that the pits should be cleaned and dried, plastic wineglass – crystal clear.

2. On the base of the wineglass hot glue the plum pits, tight close to each other, and proceeding upwards. For the first rows we prefer the bigger pits and as we get to the higher rows, the smaller ones should be used. Please make sure the rows are even.
As we reach the top of the wineglass, the plum pits tips should face upwards.

3. For the stand we use 2 bottoms form the plastic wineglasses, glued with the narrow sides together. Make sure the glue has cooled and dried well. The finished glued stands can be covered with natural color thread or twine. The wool and lint should be glued on the stands in rows.
This will be our Tree base.

4. Right about now, all glued parts should be dry and cold, now we can paint it. If you want to use the spray paint, you should prepare a working surface in the open air. Preferable spray is acrylic as it dries fast and has not strong odor.
After the paint is dry, we attach the base with the tree – the one we made with plum pits. Glue the base to the wineglass base. Apply pressure till completely dry.
Now we have our beautiful festive tree!

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