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Tire Planters [907]

Do you have old tires cluttering your garage or lying around the yard? Here’s an opportunity to upcycle them into modern and colorful garden planters!

Old car tires are the ideal waist material suitable for reuse. And there’s no safer way to recycle tires than turning them into something new and useful. So, how do you create flower beds out of old tires? You only need to understand the basic principles of working with tires and then, let your imagination guide you!

When picking tires for this DIY project, the more worn out and lighter they are, the easier it’s going to be to work with them. Its preferable to use a jigsaw or a grinder tool, as working with a knife can be complicated and take up more time - you’ll need to constantly dip it in water and make sure that the blade is very sharp.

To start off, use chalk to outline the petals, they can be whichever shape you want: semi-round, triangular, rectangular… The options are unlimited, but don’t forget: the simpler the shape, the easier the cutting process will be. To facilitated the process, you can use a triangle or round shaped object and outline your pattern by placing it on the tire and tracing around it. If the last petal doesn't fit correctly, just adjust the neighbouring petals to make them bigger or smaller.

Now, carefully begin the cutting of the previously traced outline. If you use an ordinary knife, don’t forget to dip it in water from time to time. However, if you’re working with a jigsaw, we suggest you get accustomed to it first, before begging the cutting process. That way, you’ll be able to handle subtle reversals of the saw. Make sure to cut all the way around the tire!

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