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Designing an attic of your dreams [908]

The design of an attic - can be a very challenging task. Nonetheless knowing some simple design techniques and understanding the characteristics of different architectural styles, you can create a beautiful interior that will look and function truly well.

1. Interior design style choices

Most often, an attic is a large bright room with a complex architecture. Walls of an attic can be either vertical or inclined. Inclined walls, of course, create a more narrow space and complicate the process of furnishing it. However, designed with a skillful approach inclined walls can become the highlight of the entire room.

One of the great approaches to work with inclined walls is using unconventional shelving. With this type of furniture you can create an effect of straighter walls and gain the convenience of extra storage space or use it as a display for your favorite knick-knacks. There are many options for the material that can be used for shelving such as wood, plastic and even glass. Transparent glass shelves will create modern interior and make the room look bigger and brighter. However, before choosing material for your shelving, you have to decide on the overall style of your attic. The glass shelves, for instance, should only be used if you opt for styles such as minimalism or Scandinavian.

If you have purchased the house with an attic you cannot modify the size or the placement of the windows or the hight of the ceilings. Low ceilings can make any room feel smaller and darker. Common mistake when dealing with low ceiling is to paint it in a dark color. This is frequently found in the older wooden houses where the darker paint is used on the ceiling wood. The easy solution to this problem is simply to paint the ceiling white. There are other design tricks that can correct the shortcomings of a preexisting architecture.

Similarly, low ceilings can be visually raised by ensuring that the correct type of lightning is used in the room. Spotlights or randomly placed small suspended lights will create the impression of a much bigger room with a much higher ceiling. A chandelier, no matter how beautiful it may be, will only illuminate the walls and the floor of a room. The ceiling will be shaded and, visually, it will seem even lower. Consider placing spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling - this is the best way to deal with low ceiling.

If you are building your dream house and planing out an attic, skylights are a must! Skylights are usually more expensive due to the fact that they have very different specifications. In any case skylights let in so much light and air that it makes for a very good investment. Moreover, creation of the interior design for the attic with skylights is a breeze!

Small windows make any room dark and visually smaller, so size and placement of windows are very important aspects to consider when building a house. Deciding on the placement of various light fixtures, floor and table lamps will also prevent you from having to do rewiring after the construction is completed.
Another important element to consider is how the windows are oriented towards the sun. This is extremely important when choosing the colors of the walls. If the windows are facing north and you paint your attic in cool colors, you will get a room that feels like a refrigerator and not a cozy room of your dreams. Cool colors include all shades of blue, gray, and white. On the other hand painting the room white will make the space visually bigger. In order to make a small white room more cozy use bright accent colors.

Just a couple more words about the room with windows facing north. North windows provide the least natural light and make the room darker. One way of dealing with it is not to paint the walls in rich colors. Tobacco, burgundy, herbal, terracotta will make an already dark room even gloomier.

Attic spaces are great because they can be used for virtually any purpose. You can create an extra bedroom, a nursery, an office, a home theatre room, or even a gym. When choosing the design style for your attic you have a lot of freedom. The attic is always seen as a separate space and, thus, can stand out from the general style of the house.

Consider the intended use of the space when deciding on the style. Child’s room would work great in a country style, office could benefit from a more classical design, for a family room loot at using Scandinavian style.

2. Country style for interior design of an attic

Country, Mediterranean and Provence styles create perhaps the most cozy and comfortable interiors. These styles are known as tactile styles in the interior design. If you love textiles and plaster, wooden furniture and antiques and you are planing to use your attic as a bedroom, a nursery or a family room - one of the tactile styles is a great option for you.

Let's start with the walls. All of these styles welcome rough plaster painted white. Very popular element of the country style are ceiling beams. Typically they should be also painted while or be stained to create an antique effect. If you opt for stained wood beams, make sure to include antique wood when choosing furnishing. This is not to say that all of the furniture in the room should be of the same style but include a few pieces to resonate with your beams.

If you are decorating your attic by yourself, country style is the easiest style to manage. After all, it calls for hand made items that can be easily found in your own shed or in a flee-market. That tablecloth you got from your grandmother, linen curtains or an old pitcher will be true decorating jewels for a country style room. By adding a bit of lace or cotton goods, you will add romance to the style of your attic.

We mentioned before that the walls should be painted white but if you find it to be too monotonous you can complement your design with the use of wallpaper. Garden or floral patterns will work well for the country style. Keep in mind that wall paper should be used in moderation. Beautifully looking room can be created by using wallpaper on some of the walls while complementing it with painting other walls in a pastel color.

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