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Create beautiful birds out of plastic bottles [909]

If you're lucky enough to have a garden or a backyard, you’re probably often thinking about how you can transform it and make it look more appealing. The easiest solution would be to go to the nearest home decor store and buy a ready-made decoration, but if you want something that truly represents your awesome and unique self, DIY is the way to go! It will require more time and effort on your part, but the result will definitely be worth it. Here’s how you can create beautiful birds for your garden out of recycled plastic bottles.

1. First, collect a few empty plastic containers of different sizes and colors. The more bottles you have, the more impressive your final creation will be.

2. The second step is to create feathers out of plastic. On average, one bottle makes for 3 or 4 feathers. Regular scissors should do the job, just cut the neck and the bottom of a bottle, and use the middle part to make oblong oval shapes. Slice the edges creating a fringe effect for texture. You will need different sized feathers for one bird.

3. Also, you need to prepare a base - a sturdy wooden plank is perfect for that. Birds’ paws and wings can be made out of thin plastic tubes. The body and the head are usually made out of styrofoam with mounting or wire mesh wrapped around it. And you’ll need self-tapping screws to attach the feathers.

4. Have on-hand a can of spray foam, spray paint and a corrugated hose.

Now it’s time to learn how to make different types of birds!

Western capercaillie

This bird has a bushy tail and its head is raised up. The plastic bird you’re making needs to reflect those characteristics. First, secure plastic pipes on a wooden board or plank to make legs. Cut out the body and the head out of styrofoam and connect them together with a spray foam. Attach a metal grid in a shape of a circle at the back and cut wings out of it. Now you can start attaching feathers using self-tapping screws. You should start from the bottom and move to the top, from back to front, hiding screw caps of the previous row with the new one. The beak is made out of two plastic triangles and the eyes out of big black beads. Paint the feathers in green, red, yellow and white colors.


Dark colored or brown bottles will work best for this bird. Owl’s feathers are short but bushy. To create the textured effect slightly burn the edges with the lighter. Cut out the body and the head out of styrofoam, put them on plastic tubes and fix the construction a wooden stand. Then, moving from bottom to top, attach the feathers with self-tapping screws. Use white plastic for the eyes, and you can use black plastic spoons for the pupils. Cut the toes out of a thin corrugated hose. Spray the finished owl with a gold-colored paint.

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