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to all success."

- Pablo Picasso

Sigregal Media offers you a very affordable multi-media marketing program that includes placing your listings on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and DuPont Registry websites at no additional charge. Here are more of the benefits we offer.

We don't sell pages like other publications do, we provide you with a complete marketing system designed to help you build your brand using print, internet and digital solutions. Our comprehensive program helps you market your listings, attract sellers and buyers and truly stand out of the crowd – all in one affordable package.

The benefits of advertising with Sigregal Media

  • Online solution
    The website receives 1.4 Million unique visitors a month!
  • Save precious time with automatic export of your listings from to 20 syndication partners.
  • We expand your reach, and save you money, by displaying your listings with our syndication partners (including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, DuPont Registry and 20 others) that would otherwise charge you for advertising with them!
  • Our Professional Search Engine Optimization places your listings in front of people who are actively searching for real estate.
  • Our social network program enables you to upload all your listings to facebook, twitter, youtube, craigslist in just one click!
  • Digital Solution
    We are ‘Mobile Friendly.’ You can use a QR code or text code in your ad to attract more people to your listing or website.
  • We offer a virtual edition of the magazine with interactive links to your listings on the Homes & Land portal.
  • We automatically create a property video tour (EZTour) with a direct link to YouTube.
  • Homes & Land gives you a personal website, professionally optimized for search engines. This offers people who are searching the internet for real estate, another way to find you fast.
  • Print solution
    Homes & Land is a quality publication distributed by more than 500 outlets in Montreal and the surrounding areas.
  • In addition, summer issues go to all Golf Clubs in and around Montreal, and winter issues go to ski resorts.
  • Household distribution with Canada Post covers all the doors in Westmount, Golden Square Mile, Fontainebleau, Lorraine, Old Port, Montreal Quest etc.

No other advertising program offers this much value

No one can give you more value for your dollar than Sigregal Media. We provide you with a comprehensive yet very affordable system for building and maintaining your brand, marketing your listings, attracting sellers and buyers – and standing out of the crowd.

Your online presence is critical in today’s market

Because it’s easy and inexpensive to establish an Internet presence, there are thousands of agents in every market with websites and online listings. This is an important point to consider when you’re competing for listings.

Every broker will throw out at least a few websites in their listing presentation. But to win the listing, you need to truly differentiate yourself. Imagine how impressed home sellers will be if your presentation includes Homes & Land’s online syndication partners, and our lineup of print and online products. You now have an opportunity to show sellers how their property can really stand out in a crowded marketplace.

After you've received the listing, our client contact program also keeps you in touch with the home seller. We send a copy of Homes & Land to each of your sellers – and we even include a letter from the publisher as a third-party endorsement of you and your marketing expertise.

A great way to build your prestigious personal brand

In addition, the visibility you receive through Homes & Land helps you stand out and build a personal brand. Magazine advertising is especially effective as a brand builder. Magazine advertising also helps you sustain your brand with past clients. They’ll know that you’re actively marketing properties, and you’re primed to take their repeat and referral business.

Effective branding doesn't happen overnight, of course. You need to make an investment in your career and market yourself with frequency and consistency, but building your brand is worth the investment. In almost any industry, the best-known product or service is the one most frequently purchased. And that’s true in real estate too. We all know realtors who benefit from strong personal brands.

Our integrated marketing system saves you time and money while building and maintaining your brand, so you can concentrate on what you do best - building your business and selling homes – and we would love to welcome you to our program.

I will call you during the day tomorrow to ask if we can set an appointment (either by telephone or live and in person) to discuss this further.

Meanwhile, if you have questions please call or 1.855.999.4568 x 22.

Take your action to success.

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